Healthier eating and active living

Healthier eating and active living is a Southern Mallee Shared Priority across the three LGA Partnership Action Plans and is a priority within the SMPCP Strategic Plan 2017-2021.


SMPCP Active and Healthy Ageing Mapping - June 2016
he Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) worked with Loddon Mallee Region Primary Care Partnerships to undertake mapping relating to Active and Healthy Ageing. The aim was to identify effective active and healthy ageing activities, programs and strategies operating across the region and any gaps and potential or emerging issues to improve the health and wellbeing of older people

SMPCP Promoting Healthy Lifestyles Mapping Report - Physical Activity & Nutrition 2009 - 2013
SMPCP undertook mapping of activities and programs, environments, strategies and plans that support increased physical activity, promote active communities and healthy urban planning approaches and nutritious food activities and options that are occurring within the SMPCP catchment. The aim of this mapping is to develop an evidence base that will identify enablers and barriers to good nutrition and physical activity in the Southern Mallee catchment; this can then be utilised to inform and progress the objectives of SMPCP Promoting Healthy Lifestyles plan and future activity.

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