Data and evidence

Developing and working from Southern Mallee data and evidence is one of the main Priority Directions in the SMPCP Strategic Plan 2017-2021.

SMPCP Data Profiles

Each SMPCP Data Profiles include a brief outline of the geographical area, a summary of the health factors which significantly differ from the Victorian average, and a table providing a comparison to each area and how it rates against the Victorian average.


Southern Mallee Data Profile

Buloke|Gannawarra|Swan Hill Data Profile

Buloke Data Profile

Gannawarra Data Profile

Swan Hill Data Profile

Data Sources

SMPCP Data Sheets

The aim of these data sheets is to present a broad range of data to provide an insight into the health and wellbeing across the Southern Mallee in an easy to read format. The data sheets are a more in-depth review of the current health indicators in the Southern Mallee.


Rural Change

Top 3 Health Conditions across the Southern Mallee

Mental Health

Drug and Alcohol

Family Violence

Chronic Disease

Social Inclusion and Diversity

Please note: The most current versions of the above documents can be found on this page.

Health Needs Analysis

An analysis of health in the Gannawarra and Loddon Shires has identified four priority areas – diabetes, heart health, mental health and oral health. The Analysis was undertaken by the Loddon Gannawarra Health Services Executive Network, which is made up of 12 health and community organisations across the two shires, including SMPCP.

Loddon Gannawarra Health Needs Analysis Report 2017 - This 20 page summary includes the executive summary, context for change and highlights the health issues priorities.

Loddon Gannawarra Health Needs Analysis Report 2017 - This is the complete report.

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