Southern Mallee PCP's Strategic Direction 2017-2021

Southern Mallee PCP 2017 – 2021 Strategic Plan

outlines the Partnership's Strategic Direction, Vision, Purpose, and background on the Southern Mallee. The three four-year Strategic Directions are;

1. Building Inclusive and Resilient Communities
Priority Directions – supporting the Local Government Area Partnerships;

  • SMPCP Buloke Strategic Health & Wellbeing Partnership
  • GLAM
  • SMPCP Swan Hill Health & Wellbeing Partnership
Via the development, implementation and evaluation of the LGA Partnership Action Plan or Public Health & Wellbeing Plan focusing on the southern mallee shared prevention priorities;
  • Improving mental health
  • Healthier eating and active living
  • Preventing family violence
Each LGA Partnership Plans have been finalised and endorsed, with each plan incorporating the respective Integrated Health Promotion Plan.

~SMPCP Buloke Strategic Health and Wellbeing Partnership – Buloke Partnership Action Plan aligns with Buloke Shire Council Plan (inc MPH&WB Plan) and incorporates East Wimmera Health Service Integrated Health Promotion Plan
~GLAM (Gannawarra Local Agency Meeting) – GLAM Partnership Action Plan aligns with the Gannawarra Shire Council Plan (inc MPH&WB Plan) and incorporates Northern District Community Health Integrated Health Promotion Plan
~SMPCP Swan Hill Strategic Health & Wellbeing Partnership – Swan Hill Rural City Council Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan is a partnership plan of 10 agencies that incorporates the integrated health promotion plans of Swan Hill District Health and Robinvale District Health Service.

GLAM also has the priorities of Reducing harmful drug and alcohol use (inc tobacco) and Improving sexual & reproductive health, with the target populations of Aboriginal health and Vulnerable children and youth.

2. Strengthen Partnerships, the sector and voice of rural communities
  • Supporting the partnership approach – our partnership platform
  • Advocacy
  • Develop and build opportunities, projects, forums and education
  • Communication
  • Developing our evidence base
3. Strengthen access, equity and integration This Direction is also based on family violence prevention and mental health Synergies and opportunities with the Murray Primary Health Network


Southern Mallee PCP 2017 - 2021 Partnership Approach

outlines the alignment and integration of Strategic Plans and how these are to be implemented via the Southern Mallee PCP Partnership platform.


Southern Mallee PCP 2017 - 2021 Operational Plan

articulates how each Strategic Direction and Priority Direction from the Southern Mallee PCP 2017-2021 Strategic Plan is to be achieved, aligns with the Southern Mallee PCP 2017-2021 Partnership Approach, and includes SMPCP Team Member areas of responsibilities. Each Priority Direction area has its own goal with specific objectives and strategies relating to the goal. The evaluation component including outcome indicators and evaluation tools has been reflected in this Plan. Read the Southern Mallee PCP 2017-2021 Strategic Plan and Partnership Approach in conjunction with this Plan.

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